Thai Reflexology

24 Training Hours


This fun Thai Reflexology hands-on class focuses on Sen energetic lines and acupressure points of the feet. Participants will learn this ancient healing art to revitalize, improve energy flow and harmonize the energy within and also will learn the Thai energy anatomy of the feet, practical hands-on techniques and luxurious Thai rituals to treat the feet.


The unique foot massage routines will add an Eastern flavor to your regular massage, enhance your massage practice and increase your repertoire of techniques to offer your clients. This work is great for relaxing and balancing the body and all of its systems. These techniques are perfect either to devote an entire session to working on the feet or  to amplify the effectiveness of any type of massage by targeting key reflex points in conjunction with other massage techniques. Used as a solo modality or added to any massage session, Thai reflexology will benefit both giver and receiver.


Emphasis throughout the class will be placed on good body mechanics with a variety of techniques designed to make this work easy on your body while remaining effective.


This course is also beneficial for nail technicians to improve their body mechanics and create a more luxurious pedicure experience.


Sacred Bodywork is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #450670-08, by the State of Florida Board of Massage Therapy Continuing Education Provider # 50-9043 and Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy Continuing Education Provider # LAP0155.